Wedding DJ

I (James) began DJing at 14 years of age and now have over 25 years professional DJ experience!

I fit in the wedding DJ role like a hand in a glove and can honestly say that after so many years, and so many late nights, I am still just as passionate as ever. I love making my customer’s wedding night the funnest night of their life and have spent my entire life pursuing perfection in the wedding DJ role.

At age 20, I attended the United DJs Mixing School in Sydney, where I studied under some of the world’s top DJs and graduated top of the class.

I also studied Sound Engineering at the highest level possible in Australia (Advanced Diploma), leading to years of experience in live sound (overseeing both band and theatre productions) and over a decade of experience in studio recording and mixing.

Needless to say, when you book with me, you will get a DJ with the highest professional standards and a guaranteed night to remember!

Here is a description of what you would get if I (James) were to personally DJ your wedding:

My Wedding DJ service includes:

– 1 x fully qualified DJ with over 25 years of personal DJ experience
– Unlimited email and phone communication with the DJ leading up to the event
– 1 x optional face-to-face meeting with your DJ via Zoom
– A modern, computerised system with over 50,000 songs to choose from (all styles & genres including the current Top 40 – updated monthly)
– 1 x Professional DJ mixing console
– 2 x 15″ JBL G2 speakers on stands (these are among the best sounding speakers in the world!)
– 5 x multi-coloured, wedding-appropriate, disco lights on a lighting stand that will bring your dance floor to life!
– 1 x optional smoke machine (popular effect for the first dance)
– 1 x high-quality cordless microphone for the MC and speechmakers
– A “DJ Wedding Planner” form which allows you to easily make all the prior music requests necessary for a smooth, successful wedding
– Complete access to my song suggestion lists. (These are very handy if you need ideas of appropriate songs for any of the wedding formalities. I have created a list of great songs specific for each formality throughout the ENTIRE wedding day – both ceremony and reception.)